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In many northern and central New Jersey areas, oil has been the standard home heating fuel for many years, but as natural gas service expands, switching from oil to natural gas can be tempting. Natural gas offers several benefits over oil, plus you don’t need to deal with the hassle of tank maintenance and constant refilling.

If you’re considering an oil-to-gas conversion for your New Jersey home, contact Service Professionals. We’re New Jersey’s oil-to-gas conversion specialists, and we can handle everything from pulling permits and removing the oil tank to replacing the oil furnace with a modern, efficient gas furnace.

Cost of Converting From Oil to Gas in NJ

We work hard to provide the best value for your money, and right now, you can save up to 50% on the cost of an oil-to-gas conversion. Plus, you can finance the remainder at 0% interest rates for qualified buyers.

We also offer free estimates on your oil-to-gas conversion. Contact us today to get started.

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The Benefits of Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are more efficient than oil models, with an AFUE rating as high as 98%, compared to oil’s maximum of about 90%. Other benefits of heating with natural gas include:

  • Price: It costs less to heat your home with natural gas than oil. Natural gas users pay an average of $900 per heating season, and oil users pay $1,700, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  • Delivery: Natural gas is piped directly into your home, with no need for fuel deliveries or storage tanks.
  • Origin: Most natural gas is produced in the United States, while petroleum products like heating oil are often sourced from overseas.
  • Environmental impact: Natural gas burns cleaner than oil, releasing less carbon dioxide, soot, and combustion byproducts.

Why Switch From an Oil Furnace to a Gas Furnace?

Oil furnaces are not as efficient as natural gas models. Oil also tends to be a dirty, sooty fuel that can cause all kinds of maintenance problems for oil furnaces and related equipment, from clogged fuel filters to dirty burners and sooty flues.

Plus, the fuel must be stored on-site, often in metal tanks that are prone to leaking, leading to fuel spills and potential soil contamination. Finally, the fuel must be delivered in bulk, which can be costly, and if you neglect to check the levels or order quickly enough, you may be stuck without heat until the fuel truck can get there.

Discover How Service Professionals Can Help

1. Free Estimates on Oil-to-Gas Conversions

When you’re ready to switch to natural gas heating in your New Jersey home, contact Service Professionals. We offer FREE estimates on oil-to-gas conversions, and we do everything from removing the old furnace to hauling away the oil tank.

Call 908-272-9090 today or contact us online to request your free estimate.

2. Reduce Your Energy Costs With a Gas Furnace

Between the more efficient fuel, lower fuel costs, and new heating technologies, converting from an oil to a gas furnace can significantly reduce your utility costs. Many homeowners pay less than half the cost per season to heat with natural gas.

3. Save up to $500!

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has received funding from the federal government to increase participation in New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program and allow homeowners the opportunity to convert their heating systems from oil to gas. 

4. High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Gas Furnaces

At Service Professionals, we work with top HVAC equipment manufacturers to bring our customers high-performance furnaces and heating solutions. With AFUE ratings of up to 98% and great features like two-stage heating or modulating burners, variable speed blowers, and smart thermostats, they’re more efficient than ever with improved comfort, better air quality, and quieter operation.

5. Professional Gas Furnace Installations

Our technicians at Service Professionals are some of the best in the business, and we’re fully licensed, insured, and certified to ensure a high quality, professional gas furnace installation.


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