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Your home relies on complex equipment to stay comfortable, clean, and safe. Heating and cooling, indoor air quality, electrical systems, plumbing; for peace of mind, you need all of these to work reliably throughout the year. That’s where Service Professionals’ Remarkable Home Partnership Plan can help.

We’ll leverage over 25 years of experience serving residents of northern and central New Jersey to ensure you get the best possible care for the equipment that keeps your days and nights pleasant, clean, and safe.  

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service professionals remarkable home partnership plan

membership plan benefits including 10% off repairs

Why You Need Regular Maintenance

Over time, wear and tear will take a toll on any complex machine or electrical device. Your pipes get clogged, your water heater becomes filled with sediment, your wiring degrades, and your ducts and filters fill with dust.

Friction alone can take its toll on anything that moves, especially anything that you need to move day after day, night after night, like the fans of your HVAC or the handles of plumbing fixtures.

With regular maintenance — usually one or two visits per year for each major component of your home — you can minimize the impact of wear and tear on system efficiency, efficacy, and service life. It also lets our experts spot problems that could develop into full-blown breakdowns and expensive emergencies while they’re still easily managed.

Regular maintenance lets you stay cool in the summer for less, lets your water heater operate efficiently for years longer than it would otherwise, lets you avoid fire hazards from faulty wiring, and helps you avoid leaks and water damage from plumbing issues. By investing a little upfront, you spare yourself lost money, added stress, and even danger.

What’s Involved in Maintenance?

Maintenance varies between different systems in your home, but the general idea is to:

  • Assess performance and efficiency
  • Check for developing problems, especially those that might go undetected
  • Clean what needs to be cleaned
  • Lubricate what needs to be lubricated
  • Tighten what needs to be tightened
  • Replace what needs to be replaced
  • Reassess everything after tuning

The goal is to keep your systems working the way they worked when they were first installed (or as close as possible) and to understand when something is wrong, or a system is at the end of its service life, so you can make informed decisions for your home.

Why You Need the Remarkable Home Partnership Plan

While you could schedule home maintenance for each system of your home, keeping up with all of it can be difficult — after all, not every system ought to be tuned at once, but remembering to schedule heating, cooling, water heater, electrical, and drain maintenance at appropriate times of the year can be a juggling act.

With the Remarkable Home Partnership Plan, you won’t have to keep track of everything on your own — and you’ll get great benefits to go with a great deal. Our maintenance plan customers get top priority on maintenance throughout the year, not just for routine service visits. They get discounts on repairs, waived fees and overtime charges, discounts on equipment upgrades, and more.

There’s no better way to control costs and ease stress about your home.

Why Trust Service Professionals?

There are plenty of teams you could turn to for home maintenance services — but when you need HVAC, plumbing, or electrical services in New Jersey, trust the team at Service Professionals. We go beyond your expectations to deliver exceptional workmanship using high-quality parts and equipment and superior customer care.

Our team isn’t satisfied until you’re satisfied enough to give us a thumbs up. That Thumbs Up Guarantee is why countless clients trust us as the Thumbs Up Guys!

Ready to learn more or sign up for a plan? Contact us today at 908-272-9090.

Our Specials
Our Specials
$89 AC Maintenance
*Expires 06/30/23 *Offer expires 5/31/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-89
$89 Electrical Safety Inspection
*Expires 06/30/23 *Offer expires 5/31/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-SAFE
$750 OFF AC system
*Expires 06/30/23 *Offer expires 5/31/2023 and some exclusions apply.
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