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Supercharge Your Great Outdoors

As temperatures are warming up and we head into Spring, visions of outdoor living come to life. The events of 2020 left us COVID home-bound and now you start to dream of amenities you never knew you needed. Patio and deck furnishings should be as comfortable as indoor living space and the same is true for your electrical. Landscape lighting adds value and function to your outdoor living space, not to mention drama that makes neighbors jealous.

In the evening, lighting up pathways and stairs also addresses safety concerns for you and your guests. If you love the decorative string lights you should also consider adding a few outdoor outlets. Installing a sound system may seem decadent but consider how much time you spend in your home! You are investing in your home’s value and your own enjoyment. We are installing outdoor lighting in multiple homes this week in Saddle River and Morristown, New Jersey. Adding landscape lighting provides another layer of security for your home. A well-lit home is less likely to be burglarized when combining lighting with other security products.

<nsplashIf you happen to have a screened in porch adding a ceiling fan keeps the air moving, while bringing comfort to the space. Ceiling fans also keep the temperature more consistent indoors, putting less stress on your AC unit.

Adding your own style to your backyard includes plants, flowers, and garden accessories to complete the transformation. Think of alternate ways to create privacy other than fencing. Anytime you can create a natural solution that provides functionality as well as aesthetics, it is a winner. Look at these 10 outdoor living predictions for 2021.

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