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How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Works

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Repairing a sewer line is a big project, no matter how it’s handled. Over time, these pipes can break down for several reasons. From tree root infiltration to common clogging, a lot can go wrong for a sewer pipe.

Fortunately, Service Professionals can perform trenchless sewer line repair at your home. Our team has the tools and expertise to get your sewer line working like new. When we’re done, it will be as if nothing ever happened.

Here, we’ll discuss trenchless sewer line repair service and what you can expect when you hire us for the job.

Step 1: Sewer Line Video Inspection

First, our team needs to diagnose the problem with the sewer line. We use cameras to go down the drain, inspecting everything inside the pipe.

Common sewer pipe problems include:

  • Tree root infiltration
  • Metal pipe corrosion
  • Buildup of materials

Our cameras can see everything in the sewer pipe in high definition, giving us a perfect view of the issue. When we determine the cause of the problem, we can take the necessary action to fix it.

Step 2: Sewer Line Clearing

Next, we remove the inspection cameras and use a cleaning device that can easily scrub the walls and center of the pipe. We’ll run the device as far down the pipe as is necessary to dislodge any buildup, tree roots, or debris.

Once the materials are broken down, they’ll be ready to flow down the drain and into the sewer system or your septic tank.

Step 3: Sewer Line Hydro Jetting

Now that the materials are broken down, we’ll need to blast water down the drain to get them out of the way. We’ll use a hydro jetting mechanism to send a powerful stream of water down the drain, washing away the loosened materials.

Step 4: Sewer Line Relining

If your sewer pipe is broken down and damaged, it will need a new lining. Instead of digging up your property to replace the pipe, we can add a new lining to your current one.

We’ll use a special machine to carefully line your sewer pipe from start to finish. With this new lining, it will be like you had the whole pipe replaced.

Hire Experts To Fix Your Sewer Line

Service Professionals provides expert trenchless pipe replacement services throughout the Union, NJ, region. We’ve provided locals with top-notch plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services for over 25 years. Our technicians are the best in the business, and we treat every project like we’re working on our own home.

Make sure your sewer line is in the best shape possible. Trust the Thumbs Up team at Service Professionals when you need trenchless pipe replacement.

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