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AC Maintenance & Tune-Ups in New Jersey

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Summer Heat

Summers can get hot in New Jersey, so you’ll need your central AC to be in top condition when temperatures start climbing. There’s nothing worse than turning on your AC on that first hot summer day and realizing it needs a repair.

The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to be proactive and schedule AC tune-ups with New Jersey HVAC experts like the team at Service Professionals. 

We can detect any issues that need to be resolved before they get worse and make sure you start your summer right.

Call 908-272-9090 or contact us online to schedule your AC maintenance today.

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Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Process

We’re dedicated to providing the best service so you’re always comfortable in your own home. When you schedule AC maintenance with us, you can expect our top-rated professional to arrive on time and be ready to:

  • Clean any dust or debris that could be clogging your unit
  • Inspect every component of your system carefully 
  • Refill refrigerant, filters, and other materials 
  • Repair any minor issues spotted during the inspection

You can trust that Service Professionals will provide five-star quality service every time because we’re the thumbs-up guys.

Call 908-272-9090 or contact us online to schedule service.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

Like your car, normal wear and tear happens over time and can become detrimental if not addressed promptly. Scheduling regular AC tune-ups has many benefits, including:

  • Increased life span of your AC system: Routine air conditioner maintenance can significantly extend the life span of your cooling system. With preventative care, such as maintenance and tune-ups, you can detect any issues early and avoid a premature AC replacement.
  • Improved air quality: Your AC collects dust, allergens, and dirt. Without regular maintenance, these particles circulate in your air and cause health issues. Schedule a tune-up to clean your AC and improve your air quality. 
  • Increased energy efficiency: An AC that isn’t functioning well is working harder to keep you cool and increases your energy bills. Our experts can help by cleaning the coils, blades, and more to ensure your unit is working at 100%. 
  • Fewer major AC repairs: When our experts tune up your AC, they can detect any repairs that need to be done. As with all preventative care, this will ensure you avoid any significant and costly repairs down the line. 

Get Discounts on HVAC Service With Our Remarkable Home Partnership Plan

With our maintenance plan, you’ll receive even more benefits. We offer: 

  • 10% discounts on repairs
  • 24-hour emergency service: Priority Customer Status
  • Service today, or you don’t pay 
  • No overtime charges
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • $100 toward the purchase of significant equipment annually

infographic illustration the "Road to Remarkable Service" from call to services completed.

When To Schedule AC Maintenance

Now that you know the benefits of scheduling regular AC maintenance, you’re probably wondering about the best time to schedule. 

Late spring is the best time to tune up your AC. This will make sure you’re ready for the hot, humid weather.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; call 908-272-9090 and talk to an expert today.

Choose Service Professionals Today

With quality work backed by our Thumbs Up Guarantee, you can feel confident every time you schedule with us. We offer upfront prices, cost-effective plans, and same-day service.

Maximize the efficiency of your New Jersey home’s cooling system and schedule an AC tune-up today. 

Call 908-272-9090 or contact us online to schedule AC maintenance.

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Our Specials
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