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Service Professionals service van parked on grass with blue sky in background.Plumbing problems are inevitable as fixtures and pipes break down over time. It’s important to have a reliable plumbing company you can count on for your Linden home.

Service Professionals is licensed and insured, family-owned and -operated, and offers exceptional plumbing services in Linden and surrounding areas. We provide same-day service and emergency plumbing repairs. Our pricing is transparent and upfront, and we stand by our Thumbs-Up Guy Guarantee.

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General Plumbing Solutions

Whether you have leaky faucets or noisy pipes, Service Professionals can help. We’re fast, efficient, and professional; no job is too big or small.

We handle:

Our work is only complete once you’re satisfied.

Contact Service Professionals today at 908-272-9090 for expert residential plumbing in central or northern New Jersey.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain clogs or sewer problems in your Linden home are inconvenient and can affect your health. For expert drain and sewer repairs, rely on Service Professionals. Our expert drain cleaning solutions include auguring and hydro jetting.

Signs you need a professional plumber include:

  • Drain clogs
  • Odors
  • Noises
  • Water pooling
  • Fruit flies

If you have a stubborn clog, call 908-272-9090 or contact us online.

Water Heater Installation & Repairs

Every home needs hot water for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. If your water heater doesn’t meet your hot water demands, it’s time to call a professional plumber for repairs.

If repairs are 50% of what a new unit costs, consider replacing it. We install, service, and repair tank and tankless water heaters.

Call us for:

  • Rusty water
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Unstable water temperatures or yellow pilot light
  • Odd noises from the heater
  • Leaks

Contact us today at 908-272-9090 for water heater replacement options.

Leak Detection

Leaks aren’t always easy to find. They can happen underground and behind walls or hidden in ceilings, leading to expensive repairs to remove mold, mildew, and wood rot.

Our emergency leak detection service tests your pipes and finds the source of your leaks. Together, we can create a cost-efficient solution.

Ask about our special discounts and coupons when you call 908-272-9090 or contact us online for service.

Water Quality Services

Safe drinking water is important for every homeowner. Whether you have well water or municipal water, how will you know if there are harmful contaminants? 

Our water treatment solutions include tests and equipment to spot and remove chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other elements.

We install and service:

  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • UV water purifiers
  • Water filtration systems
  • Water softeners

Test your water quality by calling 908-272-9090 or contacting us online.

Sewer Line Repair

A sewer line can clog, crack, or develop a small fissure. Line collapses are expensive to repair and avoidable with our cost-efficient sewer pipelining.

Signs your sewer line might need repair include:

  • Odors: You smell mildew, mold, or sewage.
  • Noises: Your toilet flushes slowly and gurgles.
  • Mold: Wall mold means humidity is increasing.
  • Clogs: Drains continually clogging indicate a sewer clog or frozen pipes.
  • Puddles: Soft spots, thick grass, or puddles are signs of a sewer line soil leak.
  • Backups: Toilet or shower clogs could be a major sewer line clog.
  • Pests: Pests like damp underground spaces.

Schedule a drain video camera inspection today. Call 908-272-9090 or contact us online.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Replacing sewer lines is expensive and takes time. However, our ‘no-dig’ sewer repairs use a trenchless replacement technique. Cost-effective and a time-saver, we create a new pipe within your existing one with a special epoxy resin that can last 50 years or longer.

A perk in our maintenance plan is no overtime for emergency service. Sign up today.

Schedule an evaluation by calling 908-272-9090 or contacting us online.

Tree Root Infiltration Removal Services

Tree roots like to migrate near water sources like sewer pipes. The problem is that roots can damage your plumbing, foundation, and walls. Our cost-efficient root infiltration services will ensure the roots are removed, and your sewer pipes are in good condition.

Contact Service Professionals today at 908-272-9090 to discuss tree root infiltration removal in Linden.

Schedule Plumbing Services in Linden, NJ

When you need plumbing repairs, HVAC, or electrical services in Linden, NJ, Service Professionals is your one-stop shop for home services. With over 25 years of experience and our Thumbs Up Guy Guarantee, you’ll always get superior service.

We proudly serve central and northern New Jersey and are available for emergency repairs.

Call 908-272-9090 today for plumbing services in Linden, or contact us online.

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Our Specials
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