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Service Professionals service van parked in grass under a blue sky with white clouds.At Service Professionals, our certified, licensed, and insured plumbers are dedicated to delivering superior service and quality to our customers in Bloomfield, NJ. We provide comprehensive plumbing installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements you can depend on.

We adhere to strict safety and quality standards and stand behind our work with our Thumbs Up Guy Guarantee.

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General Plumbing

Our plumbers have extensive training and the expertise required to service the most advanced plumbing systems. We provide a comprehensive range of kitchen and bathroom plumbing services for homeowners in Bloomfield, NJ, including:

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 to request plumbing services in Bloomfield, NJ.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains can damage your home and plumbing system. Our plumbers use industry-best tools to remove clogs and debris, so your drains work perfectly again. Our drain cleaning services are fast and efficient.

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 to request drain cleaning in Bloomfield, NJ.

Water Heater Installations & Repairs

Tankless water heater on white background.Reliable hot water is essential for cooking, cleaning, and other modern comforts. Our water heater services include installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

We can help you select the ideal tank size and model, install a new tank, replace your old tank, or perform preventative maintenance to keep your tank in exceptional condition. We service traditional tank water heaters and energy-efficient tankless water heaters.

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 to request water heater installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement in Bloomfield, NJ.

Leak Detection

Leaks can damage your home and lead to costly repairs. Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services can find and repair leaks anywhere in your plumbing system. Our emergency plumbing technicians use cameras and other technologies to locate and repair leaks quickly and effectively.

We always strive to use the most minimally invasive techniques and technologies and will go above and beyond to protect your home and possessions from damage.

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 to request leak detection for your home in Bloomfield, NJ.

Water Quality Services

Clean, fresh water is essential for your health. At Service Professionals, we offer water conditioning services to minimize hard water and remove harmful contaminants.

We can install filters and other water purification systems to remove bacteria, viruses, and toxins from your water supply, whether your home is on city water or well water.

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 to learn more about our water quality services in Bloomfield, NJ.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines are not indestructible; tree roots can infiltrate pipes over time, soils can settle, and foreign objects can lodge themselves in your pipes. Our sewer line repair technicians are experts at resolving these issues.

We use trenchless sewer line repair techniques and the latest pipe replacement technologies to repair your pipes for long-lasting results with minimal excavation.

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 to request effective sewer line repairs in Bloomfield, NJ.

Plumbing Services in Bloomfield

When you entrust your plumbing system to the team at Service Professionals, you can rest assured that we’ll always give you our best. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re happy to answer your questions, find the most effective solution for your needs, and deliver the superior work you deserve.

We proudly offer upfront pricing, reliable work quality, and our Thumbs Up Guy Guarantee on every service.

Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 for more about us and to request fast, reliable plumbing services in Bloomfield, NJ, today.

Our Specials
Our Specials
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