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Need a plumber in the Bergenfield area? Whether you have a plumbing problem right now or want to do routine maintenance or upgrades, you can trust the team at Service Professionals to deliver an unparalleled standard of service to residents of northern and central New Jersey.

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Residential Plumbing

The team at Service Professionals can tackle most plumbing challenges you might face in your home, from installing new fixtures to replacing worn sewer lines. Whether you’re adding to your home, replacing aging plumbing, or dealing with a chronic or emergency problem, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Drain Cleaning

Over time, even the most cautious of homeowners can end up with drains covered in food residue, corrosion, and other buildup. As drains narrow, you’ll notice slower drainage and more frequent clogs — and that makes the problem get worse over time!

Whether you need a clog broken up immediately or want to get ahead of the issue, trust the team at Service Professionals to leverage the latest tools and techniques to get your drains as close to new again as possible. You won’t believe the difference.

Water Heaters

Having trouble with your water heater or looking for an upgrade? Whether you’re combatting lukewarm water, strange smells, unreasonable energy costs, or the lackluster performance of an aging system, we’re happy to help you get back to enjoying hot water on demand.

We’ll gladly help you with any water heater, gas or electric, traditional or tankless — and if you’re in the market for a new one, we’ll help you figure out the best unit for your needs and budget.

To schedule a visit for water heater service in Bergenfield or a neighboring area, call 908-272-9090 or contact us online!

Leak Detection

Not every leak is obvious, and even when you know you have a leak, it can be difficult to find it. That’s where our advanced leak detection solutions come in, rapidly identifying where you have leaks — even if they’re subtle dribbles hidden deep in a wall!

Remember, a little water can cause a lot of damage, to say nothing of the pests it will attract and the havoc it will wreak on your air quality.

Water Quality

Tired of hard water leaving your hair grimy, your dishes spotted, your fixtures clogged? Maybe you’re worried about what exactly is in the municipal water supply, and you want to take precautions against contamination.

Whatever your goals for your water quality, the team at Service Professionals can help with a combination of water softening, conditioning, and purification solutions tailored to your home and goals.

Choose Service Professionals for Plumbing in Bergenfield

When choosing a plumber, you want to work with professionals you can trust to do the job right. Shoddy work will always lead to more problems down the line, while poor customer service can make an already stressful experience even worse. That’s why you should choose Service Professionals for all your plumbing needs.

With guaranteed work quality, convenient emergency repair availability 24/7, and a commitment to being polite and leaving your home tidy, there are no better plumbers for the job — whatever that job may be. We’re not satisfied until we’ve earned a thumbs up from our customer — that’s the Thumbs Up Guy Guarantee!

Ready to learn more about our plumbing services or set up a visit? Contact us today at 908-272-9090 or online. We look forward to serving you in your Bergenfield home!

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Our Specials
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