HVAC Services in Paterson, NJ

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When you lose your heat on a freezing winter day, find yourself facing unreasonable cooling bills in the summer, or wake up each morning with itchy eyes and a scratchy throat because of air quality problems, it’s time to find HVAC technicians you can rely on to resolve your problems promptly and thoroughly.

If your Paterson home needs HVAC services, choose the Thumbs Up Guys at Service Professionals and get the service you need, from repairs and replacements to maintenance and upgrades, backed by our unique Thumbs Up Guarantee.

We won’t consider our job finished until you’re satisfied enough to give us a parting thumbs up!

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HVAC Services in Paterson, NJ

If you want a comfortable home throughout the year in Paterson, you’re going to be relying on heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, plus indoor air quality management. When you need your HVAC systems managed, contact Service Professionals for a full selection of heating, cooling, and ventilation services.

Heating Services in Paterson

When your heat becomes a problem, you don’t have to suffer overnight while waiting for service — after all, that can be dangerous to your family and property! When you need heating service quickly, contact Service Professionals for 24/7 emergency heating services.


Prefer on-demand heat you can count on in below-freezing weather? Nothing matches the power of an electric or gas furnace. Unfortunately, furnaces are also the most likely systems to need professional services for repairs, replacement, installation, or routine maintenance. When you need that professional touch, call Service Professionals.


If you’ve ever enjoyed the comfortable high-efficiency heat a boiler provides, it’s hard to give it up — but a boiler’s reliability is somewhat balanced by the fact that even minor problems can cause costly water damage if something goes wrong. When you need help with your boiler for repairs or replacement, call Service Professionals for expert assistance.

Need to schedule heating services in Paterson? Contact us today at 908-272-9090 or online.

Air Conditioning Services in Paterson

If you’ve ever faced a day in the height of Paterson summer without air conditioning, you probably don’t want to do it again. When your air conditioner isn’t meeting your needs due to disrepair, breakdown, age, or any other reason, contact Service Professionals.

We can manage repairs, replacement, installation, and maintenance services for your air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits with equal speed and expertise.

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Indoor Air Quality Services in Paterson

Indoor air quality is a serious problem in most homes, but most of us rarely think about it unless we have severe allergies. All the outside pollution combines with unique indoor pollutants like bacteria, viruses, organic chemical residue, and more to produce a noxious blend you want to neutralize or filter out if possible.

That’s where the indoor air quality solutions from Service Professionals come into play:

  • Air purifiers handle tiny particles too small for filters
  • HEPA filters remove larger particles that are still too small for a standard filter
  • Dehumidifiers and humidifiers keep air at the right temperature for a healthy environment

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When you need HVAC service in Paterson, choose the Thumbs Up Guys at Service Professionals and enjoy truly professional service in every sense.

Our work quality is guaranteed in writing, we’re available day and night, and we go the extra mile on customer service to make sure we earn a parting thumbs up when a visit is finished.  

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