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service professionals truckNeed the assistance of an experienced team of electricians? Regardless of whether you’re a business or homeowner looking for help with new additions, electrical repairs, or installation of a multimedia system, the Thumbs Up Guys at Service Professionals have the answer to your electrical troubles.

Our expert electricians perform a full selection of electrical services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, no matter where you are in the Iselin area.

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Panels & Rewiring

Do you need your panel or wiring upgraded to meet the needs of your home or business? No matter if you’re trying to match the draw of a new appliance, improve breaker reliability, resolve a code violation, or eliminate a fire hazard, you can count on our electricians to handle it all.

We’ll rewire your property, upgrade your panel, or replace damaged or aged components as necessary to get things working right.

Need emergency assistance? We can resolve a code violation or get the lights back on quickly.

Learn more about our general electrical services in Iselin today! Call 908-272-9090 today or contact us online.

Surge Protection

Did you know power surges are far more common than most property owners realize? Not every surge is intense enough to cause visible disruption or damage, but they all put your gadgets and wiring at risk of shortened life span and failure.

By having our team install surge protection for your entire property, you can keep this wear and tear at bay.

Lighting & Fans

In the market for new lighting or fans? Allow the team at Service Professionals to handle everything so you can be sure it’s done right.

We’ll help you get the right products installed correctly to meet your needs without leaving you to endure a fan or light that doesn’t work quite right for years to come.

Want to hear more about our lighting and fan installation services in the Iselin area? Call 908-272-9090 today!

Standby Generators

With a properly installed standby generator, your home or business doesn’t have to go without electricity when the rest of Iselin does.

You can enjoy power so long as it’s safe to do so and you have proper fuel; a gas line standby generator can provide power for as long as you have gas available, but other models can still last a long time on portable fuel.

You’ll have an easier time getting an installed standby generator working safely and reliably, and it’ll be quieter than a portable unit, thanks to its housing.

Home Theater & Multimedia 

Need a cutting-edge media system set up in Iselin? Whether you’re upgrading a conference room or auditorium for your business, setting up a great home office, or building your dream in-home theater, the Thumbs Up Guys from Service Professionals can help you get the job done right.

Why Choose Service Professionals for Electrical Services in Iselin?

When you choose Service Professionals, you’ll enjoy superior customer service, top-notch work, and great products and materials from reputable manufacturers.

We trust our work enough to back everything we do with a written guarantee, and we value customer care enough that our Thumbs Up Guys Guarantee means we won’t leave the project until you give us the thumbs up.  

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Our Specials
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*Expires 06/30/23 *Offer expires 5/31/2023 and some exclusions apply.
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$89 Electrical Safety Inspection
*Expires 06/30/23 *Offer expires 5/31/2023 and some exclusions apply.
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$750 OFF AC system
*Expires 06/30/23 *Offer expires 5/31/2023 and some exclusions apply.
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