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Reliable Heat Pump Services in Northern New Jersey

Service Professionals van parked on green grass with blue sky in background.New Jersey gets some of the coldest winter weather. If your heating system isn’t providing reliable heat, turn to Service Professionals.

With top-rated heating and air conditioning services in central and northern New Jersey, our heat pump solutions will ensure your home has reliable heat through the New Jersey winters. We never consider a job complete until you give us a thumbs-up approval.

Ask about the heat pump tax rebate and how to save up to 30% in energy costs annually. From upfront pricing and flexible payments to same-day appointments, see why other New Jersey homeowners trust us.

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How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps don’t generate their own heat; instead, they efficiently redistribute it from other sources.

While boilers and furnaces use propane, gas, or oil at 78–98% efficiency, and baseboard heat has 100% efficiency, heat pumps offer 200–300% efficiency.

Air source heat pumps use outside air to heat or cool your home. The heat pump will absorb the heat from the outdoor air and transfer it indoors to heat your home. For cooling, it will absorb the indoor heat and release it outside.

A ground source heat pump uses the earth’s underground temperature that remains constant year-round. It harnesses the heat and transfers it into your home. For cooling, it pulls the heat from your home and transfers it back to the earth.

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Common Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Your heat pump needs to be ready for New Jersey’s winter nights. To avoid unexpected malfunctions, signs to watch out for include:

  • Energy bill spikes: Energy inefficiency means your heat pump needs service.
  • Strange noises: Rattling can be caused by loose parts. Groaning is the scroll compressor in defrost.
  • Heat loss: It might be a refrigerant leak or a faulty compressor.
  • Older unit: Heat pumps over 10 years old are prone to more breakdowns.

While they last 10–15 years, with regular tune-ups, they can last 20–25 years. Tips to prolong your heat pump’s life span include scheduling routine maintenance and changing the air filters regularly.

Other tips include turning your setting to auto and keeping the condenser outside free from debris. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat and adding more insulation.

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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Aging heat pumps lose their efficiency and ability to extract heat. Heat pumps with 99% efficiency can drop to 95% after 20 years or 80% after 25 years, making them ineffective. Additionally, if repair costs are 50% of the price of a new unit, think about upgrading it.

We offer professional heat pump installation and replacement services. Backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Consider Replacing Your Central AC With a Heat Pump

If your current AC system is outdated and it’s time for a replacement, consider switching to a heat pump. Heat pumps are a more energy-efficient alternative for cooling your home and offer long-term savings. 

Heat pumps provide energy efficiency in the summer but should not replace a furnace in New Jersey winters, as stand-alone units are ideal for warmer climates. Instead, consider installing a combo heat pump for the most economical option.

We provide quality work for New Jersey homes. Contact Service Professionals at 908-272-9090 today.

Why Choose Service Professionals?

Service Professionals has provided reliable home services to New Jersey residents since 1994. We pride ourselves on integrity, competence, and objectivity. When you rely on Service Professionals for your home service needs, you can count on:

Learn more about heat pump services in northern New Jersey by calling 908-272-9090.

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