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If you live in Essex or Union County, you expect quality services at affordable prices. That’s why so many homeowners choose Service Professionals for furnace repair and replacement.

We can repair any make or model boiler, furnace, or heat pump. To prevent the need for repairs, we recommend seasonal maintenance, which can catch minor problems before they become big ones. 

Without maintenance, your HVAC system will last about 10 years, but regular tune-ups can lengthen its life span. A heating unit is one of your biggest financial investments, so it’s worth it to keep it running efficiently for as long as possible. Twice-a-year furnace maintenance is well worth the investment because our winters can be intense.

There are several things you can do to keep your household and furnace system safe:

  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Look for signs of leaks.
  • Change your furnace air filters as often as needed. Your furnace will run more efficiently, and you’ll have better IAQ (indoor air quality).
  • Sign up for a furnace maintenance plan to stay on top of annual tune-ups.
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Offering Fast & Reliable Emergency Furnace Repairs

Some furnace repairs can wait, but how do you know you have an emergency? If you notice any of these signs, your furnace needs immediate attention, so call us for 24/7 service.

  • CO alarm: If your carbon monoxide detector sounds an alarm, turn off the furnace, open windows, and leave the house.
  • Electrical warnings: If you notice sparking, lights dimming, or a burnt wiring smell, call for emergency furnace repair.
  • No heat when it’s freezing: No heat can be an emergency in New Jersey.
  • Noises: Any loud, repeated noises mean something is wrong, and it may be dangerous.
  • Smell heating fuel: Oil and gas odors are dangerous. Turn off the furnace and leave the house.

Why You May Need To Repair Your Furnace

Why is my furnace not working? The most common problems include:

  • Age: If your system is 10+ years old (depending on maintenance), you may need to budget for a new furnace.
  • Ball bearings: All moving parts need repair or replacement over time. If you hear a scraping sound from your furnace, turn it off immediately.
  • Blower belt: If you hear a high-pitched squealing sound, it could be a broken blower belt.
  • Cold air: If your furnace is blowing cold air, you need a repair visit.
  • Dirty/clogged filters: Not regularly replacing filters leads to poor performance or even damage.
  • Frequent cycling: If your furnace kicks on and off too often, you may have a clogged filter or blocked airflow.
  • Frequent repairs: Regardless of your heating system’s age, if it has had several repairs, it may be time to invest in a new, energy-efficient furnace.
  • Furnace thermostat: If your furnace fan won’t shut off, your thermostat likely needs repair.
  • Heat exchanger: Your heat exchanger could crack if you don’t replace furnace filters regularly. This can be a costly repair.
  • Higher monthly energy bills: If your energy bills spike for no reason, you should have your furnace and ductwork checked.
  • Limit switch: If your furnace is blowing air non-stop, that may indicate a limit switch malfunction.
  • No air: There could be several reasons why your furnace isn’t putting out any air.
  • Odors: Any smell of fuel or of burning electrical wires is an emergency.
  • Pilot light: If it flickers or changes color, your heating system needs a repair.
  • Ratting/pinging sounds: A rattling sound from your furnace could be loose panels that need tightening. Popping or pinging noises may be the ductwork. Don’t ignore furnace noises.

Whole-house wellness makes sense — your home’s systems depend on each other. That’s why we have a team of licensed, certified plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. Don’t let a broken furnace keep you in the cold. Call today.

Call 908-272-9090 or contact Service Professionals today to learn more.

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Our Specials
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