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It’s not enough to be the best, what we aim for is to be remarkable!

  • Remarkable: Worthy of being noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.
    • Be remarkable at our craft – through constant and continual improvement
    • Deliver remarkable customer service – through customer-centric policy and procedures
    • Be a remarkable place to work – not just the best place to work
  • We are constantly looking to better ourselves in a way that will allow our customers to feel a sense of comfort and security so that when they call our company with a need or question, it will be a truly enjoyable experience.

We believe each team member contributes directly to our growth and success

  • A Remarkable Company Culture starts with our employees and their belief in our vision.
    • “Passionate hearts committed to a shared vision can accomplish the impossible”.
  • We hope all our employees draw great satisfaction and take pride in being part of our team.
  • Employee ideas, opinions, and questions are valuable. We will take all ideas into consideration.
  • New ideas are continually implemented as we continue to grow and develop as a company.
  • We hope your experience at Service Professionals will be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding!

Professionalism is literally built into our company name!

  • What does it mean to be professional? Traditional definitions would use words like:
    • Competence, Reliability, Honesty, Integrity, Respect for Others, Self-Upgrading, Being Positive, Listening Carefully and Supporting Others.
  • Remarkable Professionalism can be defined as:
    • Achieving: Strive for your best, have ambition, challenge yourself, be focused, make a difference
    • Real: Be genuine, act with integrity, share, be yourself, like yourself, have pride.
    • Inspiring: Grow & develop others, motivate, be thoughtful, help, give feedback & support.
    • Together: Meaningful relationships, bond, connect, co-operate, contribute, fun, extended family
    • Give Back: Ensure the future, be sustainable, enhance our community

Who do we seek to work at Service Professionals?

  • We seek the most ambitious, entrepreneurial minded employees.
  • We seek people who can be inspired. So, we can fill them with enthusiasm for our mission.
  • As a team, we aim to build an Ambitious Company Culture.
  • We take great steps to ensure the people we employ are good, clean, honest people.
  • Our technicians go through a 4-step interview process while seeking employment with us, which includes technical testing, checks on criminal history and driving record, and drug testing.
  • In our company, for every 40 people that walk through the door, we only hire one.

We take care of our employees, so we can take better care of our customers.

We attract the best because we offer the best.

  • Support team to ensure your success
  • Regularly scheduled gatherings, company outings
  • Paid holidays and vacations
  • Comprehensive health and dental insurance
  • Retirement plan option
  • Long-term and short-term disability plans

If the above fits the description of what you’re looking for in a career, then we’d like to talk to you!

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Our Specials
Our Specials
FREE FURNACE with the purchase and installation of a new high-efficiency AC unit
*Expires 02/28/23 *Offer expires 2/28/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-FREE
$169 Drain Cleaning
*Expires 02/28/23 *Offer expires 2/28/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-169
$89 Heating Tune-Up
*Expires 02/28/23 *Offer expires 2/28/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-89
$89 Electrical Safety Inspection
*Expires 02/28/23 *Offer expires 2/28/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-SAFE
$750 OFF A new heating system
*Expires 02/28/23 *Offer expires 2/28/2023 and some exclusions apply.
Must quote WEB-750
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