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Is a Boiler or Furnace a Better Option for My Home?

Man in white shirt working on a furnace.Considering how cold the winters can be in central and northern New Jersey, it’s essential to have a heating system you can trust to keep your family comfortable and safe, no matter the outside temperature. Both boilers and furnaces are good heating options.

Boilers offer long-lasting radiant heat and fewer air quality issues, and furnaces offer quick adjustments and slightly higher efficiency. If you have a boiler and are considering an upgrade to a furnace, consider some factors before making the switch.

When It Makes Sense To Swap Your Boiler for a Furnace

Boilers offer long-lasting, efficient heat, but they depend on a network of pipes, radiators, baseboard heaters, and more to deliver hot water or steam to each room. If your boiler is nearing the end of its service life and the related systems like radiators and baseboard heaters aren’t in good condition, it may be wise to consider upgrading to a furnace.

Furnaces cost less upfront, especially if you have existing ductwork for an air conditioning system. They offer slightly higher efficiency ratings and respond quickly to thermostat changes. Some furnaces feature an AFUE rating of 98% or above, meaning over 98% of the fuel is converted directly to heat, while boilers top out at about a 95% AFUE rating.

If you have an older home, however, adding the ducts required for a furnace can be challenging, so replacing the boiler may be more cost-effective.

Why You Might Want To Keep Your Boiler

Although a furnace may cost less to install, the total costs may be similar to installing a new boiler if you need to add ductwork. And if you have high-quality radiators, baseboard heaters, or in-floor heating already, a boiler can provide consistent heating. Plus, it’s not dry heat like a forced-air furnace, so it’s more comfortable at lower temperatures.

It’ll also save you money on your monthly heating costs. Boilers won’t circulate dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants through your home like a ducted heating system can if the air filter isn’t changed often enough.

Replacing your boiler is likely the best choice for an existing home unless you also need to simultaneously replace the piping, radiators, circulation pumps, and other equipment. Then it may be more cost-effective to upgrade to a furnace.

Reliable Heating Replacement in New Jersey

Whether you want to replace your boiler or upgrade to a furnace, our team at Service Professionals can help. We offer complete heating system replacements in central and northern New Jersey, including boiler installations and replacements, furnace installations and replacements, and comprehensive maintenance and repairs.

Our experts can evaluate your home and recommend the best heating system for your needs and budget. We feature skilled, certified technicians, on-time service, upfront pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ready for a more comfortable, efficient heating system for your New Jersey home?

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