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ImageService Professionals are your astute choice for copper repiping - we are New Jersey's copper repiping specialists, with extensive experience of replacing defective piping with long lasting and vastly improved solutions. When you choose Service Professionals you can be sure that you will benefit from GUARANTEED REPAIRS, professional workmanship, and a level of service that is second-to-none.

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What kind of problems can repiping with copper solve?

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1. Brown Or Rusty Water

2. Poor Tasting Water

3. Low Or Intermittent Water Pressure

4. Corroded Galvanized Pipes

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most older properties have this kind of piping. Eventually it corrodes and has to be replaced.

5. Polybutylene Piping

is a high risk thing to harden, flake and burst - the potential damage from burst water lines in your home can be immense. If you have this type of piping in your home, seek professional guidance sooner rather than later. Polybutylene piping is no longer used in home construction because of its inadequacies, but homes built from the 1970's to the 1990's may have it. Your repairs may be covered under the terms of a class action agreement by the manufacturers.

If you have these kinds of problems, you could benefit from a FREE consultation and estimate from the New Jersey copper repiping specialists. You will not get better service for your GUARANTEED REPAIRS. Call Service Professionals today on 877-759-4897 and ask how we can help.

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